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Temple Wedding Petition Delivery

October 15th 2010, is the big day at 3:30pm at the Church Office Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

The time has arrived for delivery of the first batch of signed petitions, along with their sorrowful stories of remorse for choosing to leave loved ones out of their weddings rather than break the mold and choose a civil wedding. There are stories too of those who would rather wait the year than do anything to hurt their loved ones; knowing full well that those same loved ones would submit their names for marriage sealing, should any accident befall them before that year was complete.

We have received no response from our request to deliver, but feel sure that the Church will not turn down the opportunity to receive requests for help from well over 400 people from over 5 different countries, 26 States, several Canadian provinces and representing approximately 16 denominations; about 20% of whom are LDS. More precise figures will be posted after the delivery as the names keep rolling in and we want them to be up do date.

We will have news coverage for the event which is to be a peaceful and dignified affair; befitting the seriousness of our request. Those who feel that they would like to join us for the delivery please be at the Church Office Building prior to 3:30pm; keeping in mind our stated objective of a peaceful event.

Many thanks to all those who have been brave enough to step up to the plate and let the Church leaders know the pain they are causing by this unnecessary policy.

We have not received any confirmation reply back from the leadership of the LDS Church from the letter sent June 19th, 2010.  As the October 15th date for delivering the petition to Church Headquarters is fast approaching, we have written another letter to the leadership.  Click on the linnk below to view this letter.

Request to Church to receive petition-2.rtf

The Temple Wedding Petition coordinators and website administrator sent a letter to President Thomas S. Monson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on June 19, 2010.  It is done so with the hope of placing the temple marriage policy directly in front of him for consideration before we approach the media for coverage, if necessary, of the hand delivery of the petition in October.   Click on the links below to view the documents in JPG format.

Registered Mail Receipt from Post Office sent from Canada

Date of the Registered Mail Sent

Confirmation that the Registered Mail was received by President Monson at Church Headquarters

Letter to Thomas S. Monson

As of August 5th, neither President Monson or any Church leader has responded to the letter.

The Arizona Republic has published a story about Cheri Richardson and her personal family story of non-mormon's being excluded from her son's wedding.

Also, Benee Kent from the Exmo Radio Show blog has interviewed petition coordinators Jean and Michelle and the podcast is archived and available online.  Click the radio show link above.

An advance press release was distributed to media outlets informing them of the petition effort.  Click on read me to view the news release.

The following are three letters of correspondence between Elder L. Tom Perry earlier this year regarding the church's hurtful practice of excluding non-Mormon family from weddings. He completely ignores a specific statement, not requesting that non-Mormons be allowed to enter the temple, simply that the one year waiting period for sealing in the temple for LDS couples who wed civil first be done away with.  Click on the links below to read an official response from the LDS Church.

Letter 1

Letter 2

Letter 3

The folllowing podcast is featured on Mormon Expression podcast website.  It's an interview conducted by John Larsen with petition coordinators Jean Bodie and Michelle Spencer.  Click the link below to download and listen to the broadcast or click the link above to visit the website and listen online to podcast #34.


To view a video below, simple click on the links. Please be patient as each video load takes a few moments.  We invite your feedback or questions as it relates to these video presentations.
 If you have a question you'd like to ask Jean or Michelle, please contact us.

The following video is about what inspired the temple wedding petition.


The following video talks about the current policy of the LDS Church.


In the following video the stigma some members may feel if they choose a civil wedding ceremony is discussed.


In the following video, we discuss whether a civil marriage ceremony lessens the importance of an LDS temple sealing ceremony as well as free agency and choice.


In the following video, who the target audience is for the petition and how so many people are unaware of the issue is discussed.


In this next video the importance of the petition and  changing the LDS Church policy to prevent marital disharmony is discussed.


Wondering whether LDS Church leaders will take the petition seriously? When people speak out, they can bring about positive change as has been shown throughout history.


Hear about the progress of the petition and who is signing it.


Even though her own children are all grown up and married, the LDS Church policy still hits close to home.


Reasons why the LDS Church policy should be done away with are discussed and why LDS couples are having to make a choice now that shouldn't be there in the first place.


We hope that even though the LDS Church leaders are slow to change, that they will be compassionate and remove the one year waiting period policy from LDS Couples who choose a civil marriage first.