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The following links are from Church approved sources that show the way in which children, youth and young adults are taught doctrine and grow up believing that a temple marriage is the only way to true happiness, virtue, love and peace in the family.

Lesson 15: Temple Marriage,Young Women Manual 2, 54 (age group is 13-17)

LDS Ensign magazine - Teaching Children about Temple Marriage

LDS New Era magazine - Special Issue, Dating & Temple Marriage

LDS The Friend magazine - The Flower Girls

LDS The Friend magazine - Sharing Time, a place of love and beauty

LDS The Friend magazine - Sharing Time, the temple is a happy place

LDS The Friend magazine - Friend to Friend, Fiction: Samuel's Scriptures

The following link are suggestions from LDS members on how to ease hurt feelings when parents cannot attend the temple wedding of children.

LDS Ensign Magazine - Questions and Answers

The following links are to online blogs and websites that discuss issues around civil and LDS temple marriage.

Mormon Matters discusses the Temple Wedding Petition

Civil Marriage vs. Temple Marriage

Temple Marriage and the in-laws

Feminist Mormon Housewives

Non-Members at the Wedding

In The Shadow of the Temple Documentary

What to expect at a Mormon Temple Wedding

Planning an LDS Temple Wedding

Times and Seasons - Temple Marriage Policy

From Wikipedia - Temple Sealing

Salt Lake City Examiner - Temple Marriage Policy